8-Bit Theater
Episode 644
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Date Published Tuesday, January 5, 2006
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Black Mage tries to figure out how Red Mage did what he just did.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Open, demolished field


Black MageExplanations!
Red MageI... I don't know. Just by watching it, it was like I knew how to cast it. It was so obvious. So simple. It had to be made manifest.
Black MageSo what, you change clothes and suddenly you're a master of lost magic? I don't buy it.
ThiefWhat should that mean to those of us who didn't waste our lives nerding it up in a wizard's convent?
Black MageDisregarding your gross ignorance of mage architectural naming schema, it sounds like he's talking about Blue Magic. But that's a myth.
FighterHold on. You can't cast Blue Magic. You're wearing red.
Red MageSo are you.
FighterWait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Wait.
Black Mage grabs, then stabs, Fighter.
Black MageSo. Moving on.
ThiefThere's Blue Magic now?
Black MageThere always has been. Or, more accurately, there never was.
ThiefThanks for clearing that up.
FighterWait. Okay, yeah. My mind is to totally blown.

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