8-Bit Theater
Episode 645
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Glitter Boy
Date Published Tuesday, January 7, 2006
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Red Mage explains the fine art of Class Changing.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Open, demolished field


Red MageDon't you see? The class change was real! I'm an enlightened warrior. It's only natural that I, Red Mage, a fractactical genius--
Fighter Told you!
Red Mage-- would be granted the ability to use abilities I don't actually have!
Black MageYou're making as much sense as ever, so whatever happened, it didn't fix you. Blue Magic isn't real. I want to know where you really got that Hadoken. So start talkin'.
Red MageFrom the power!
Black MageWhat power?
Red MageThe power of Voodoo.
FighterWho do?
Red MageYou do!
Black MageDo what?
Red MageHave the power of an Enlightened Warrior!
Black MageCan we try that again, only without the stupid parts this time?
Red MageI'm saying we all got a class change.
Black MageHow can you tell?
Red MageIt's the inevitable result of power creep. Our lives were strictly main book territory where everything was in balance. But now we've ventured into an expansion. All new, absurdly powerful occupational character classes are now available.
Black MageAnd where does this alleged power creep come from?
Red MageRifts® in Space-Time, mostly.

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