8-Bit Theater
Episode 651
Episode 0651
Why their world is broken.
Well, one of the reasons.
Thief Of Time
Date Published Saturday, January 21, 2006
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The future is now.

Cast AppearingEdit



Fighter(still blocking with his arms over his face) This is so cool and I haven't even started!
Black MageShhh, the adults are talking, sweetie.
FighterThief, you're a jerk.
Toss some sand into Black Mage's face for me.
Thief(gathering sand) With gusto!
Black MageBut... I like my face.
Thief throws sand and Black Mage flinches.
Fighter(showing sand on his sword) I blocked it.
See? Not a single speck got to you.
Red MageOkay, somebody throw something at somebody, I wanna try it.
FWACK! A rock hits Red Mage.
Red MageSon of a--!
Black MageHitting you with a rock knocks you over, but a Hadoken just makes you more powerful?
Red MageAre you kidding?
You missed by a mile.
Black MageI guess the perspective was kinda off there...
(Black Mage recollects striking Red Mage with a Hadoken)
Black MageWhatever. Shut up.
Red MageCrass refusal does not a rebuttal make.
Thief(wearing a new, black ninja suit) Huh. This is pretty cool.
Black MageWah?! When did you get to change class?
ThiefHm? Oh, I stole it. From the future.


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