8-Bit Theater
Episode 706
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New Path, Same Destination
Date Published June 10th, 2006
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Old people bother Black Mage while Fighter pilots the Deathtrap.

Cast ApperingEdit



An old women walks toward Cobblepot's Cobbling.
Old LadyExcuse me, young man.
Black MageUh. Can I help you?
Old LadyI'm going to make your life a living hell for the next tow hours with a seies of increasingly unreasonable demands.
Old LadyI'm old, this is what I do.
Black MageSo that's a "no" then?
Meanwhile on the Deathtrap...
ThiefSo we have to go to Onrac?
White MageI believe so. My reasearch and interviews in Gaia indicate that Onrac is the next logical step.
Red MageThen it's settled!
Set sails for Onrac, Fighter!
FighterBut we don't have sails.
Red MageI though you said you were a pilot. Gimme those controls.
The Deathtrap pitches and rocks as it starts to sink from the sky. The group is flung throughout the cabin.
ThiefLet's never do that again. 'Kay?

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