8-Bit Theater
Episode 709
Episode 709
Shoe stores can be quite scary sometimes
Midnight In The Garden Of Shoes and Evil
Date Published Saturday, June 17th 2006
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Black Mage uses…interesting materials for shoes.

Cast ApperingEdit


  • The outside Cobblepot's Cobbling at night.


Old Lady(Inside the store and only her voice can be heard) What, what are these?
Black MageShoes.
Old LadyThey appear to be made out of a face.
Black MageNaw.
Old LadyThe eyes are still there.
Old LadyNo, those are um, uh not eyes.
Old LadyI'm going to run outside screaming now.
Black MageLook.
They're comfortable shoes, aren't they?
Old Lady(Running out of the store screaming) WAAAAGH!

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