8-Bit Theater
Episode 744
Comic 744
Now we see the violence inherent in the system.
Episode 744: The Transition Of Black Mage
Date Published Saturday, September 16, 2006
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Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageSo, how d'ya wanna do this?
Suh'zahneWith a KNIFE.
Black MageNo time-waster, you
Suh'zahneI like what I do.
Black MageYeah, me too.
Cut to Thief, Red Mage and Fighter
FighterOkay, I have a new idea.
ThiefIf you suggest that we escape by putting fish in our mouths so we can breathe while underwater -- AGAIN -- I will Ninja-Punch you so hardcore it will knock you out. And when you wake up? The force of it will knock you out a second time. Before you wake up.
FighterNo, Thief.
FighterNot our mouths.
Red Mage blocks Thief from Ninja Punching Fighter.


Black Mage has used Suh'zahne's face as a disguise.

Black MageAh, the perfect disguise.
CultistHey, the new guy killed Suh'zahne and now he's wearing his face.

Like we wouldn't recognize it?

Tsk, what a poorly conceived disguise.

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