8-Bit Theater
Episode 787
Episode 787
Sometimes, if you look really close at Antarctica, you can see the Earth poot a little.
Course Change
Date Published Tuesday December 26th, 2006
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Black Mage is fired from a cannon, and we meet Dragoon!

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageY'now. This seemed a lot more reasonable about five minutes ago.
JeffYes, you are right.
Black MageI'm airborne, I'm airborne!
Black MageThis is the most amazing experience of my life!
Black MageExcept for all those other times I was painfully hurled into the stratosphere
Black MageWhy is this my life?
Dragoon appears.
Black MageUh...?
DragoonEasy, Sir, I've got you.
Black MageYou've got me? Who's got you?
Dragoon stabs Black Mage with his spear.
Black MageI don't understand how hurting me answers the question.
An impact in the snow

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