8-Bit Theater
Episode 788
Episode 788
I'm sure Black Mage will be fine...Right?
Mountain Climbing
Date Published Thursday December 28th, 2006
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Five whole f***ing frames of Black Mage buried neck-deep, upside-down in snow

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageSo it worked this time?
JeffIt definitely might have, yes.
Red MageYou're the professional cannoneer.[sic]
Red MageLet's load up Fighter then.
DragoonHey, thanks for the assist. I couldn't have gotten here without your help.
Black MageYou are a dead man.
DragoonI only wish I could hear you over these roaring mountain winds. Anyway, thanks!
Black MageSoon as my heart starts pumping again...Dead man.
Dragoon walks away, further and further until we can no longer see him. At that point, night falls.
Black MageThere we go.

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