8-Bit Theater
Episode 902
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We Hurt The Ones We Loathe
Date Published 2007/10/04
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A "bad trip" in more ways than one

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageWell, this is just great.
DarkoWhat, you again? What do you do, look for ways to get yourself killed?
Black MageHey. What I do in my spare time to get back into Hell is none of your business.
DarkoThat would be ill-advised. We've invested too much into your progress to allow a detour of that magnitude.
I mean, transfer of ownership over the Nine Realms of Ultimate Damnation. You can't begin to imagine the paperwork that involves.
So stick to your mysterious evil destiny.
Black MageOkay. Speaking of which, what is it?
DarkoNot very mysterious if I told you, duh.
Black MageI don't know what else I could have expected you to say.
Black Mage is suddenly put through agonizing pain.
Black MageWow, okay.
Did the entire universe turn into pure focused agony for you, or was it just me?
DarkoNo, that was you.
Black Mage's agony returns.
Black MageWhat would do that?
Cut to the world of the living, where Red Mage is standing atop Black Mage's corpse.
Red MageJust a few more jumps. Make it a nice round five.
Maybe ten.

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