8-Bit Theater
Episode 903
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Date Published 2007/10/06
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Black Mage is a thinker.

Cast AppearingEdit


Tower of Air


Black MageGet offa me!
Red MageHey! How'd you live?
Black MageSpite!
Now, if Jumpin' Jack Ass and Red Moron are done, we do have a quest to finish up here.
ThiefSince when do you care about quests?
Black MageSince it's a convenient excuse to butcher Sir Hopsalot for revenge.
DragoonYou mean Red Mage or me?
Black MageYes.
DragoonAs I told your comrades, I do not have the Orb of Air.
Black MageY'know, that's the kind of detail I'm prepared to work out after you die.
DragoonI used to have it. But then it got kinda lost.
Or slightly stolen. I was never exactly clear on that.
ThiefI knew this was the tower!
Black MageGreat, let's gut the jerk!
DragoonBut I don't have the orb.
Black MageDon't care. Gonna gut ya.

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