8-Bit Theater
Episode 905
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In Rod We Trust
Date Published 2007/10/11
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When one stops to think on it, black magic is represented as far more useful than it would likely be.

Cast AppearingEdit


Tower of Air


ThiefIf only we knew who took the Orb of Air.
FighterAh-ha! This sounds like a job for Encyclopedia Fighter!
Black MageDidn't I just stab you?
FighterYeah. I was pretending.
Black MageWell, pretend this!
Thunder is heard rolling outside.
FighterWanna help look for clues?
Black MageDid getting skewered through the chest somehow (and nonsensically) remove all my powers?
Thunder rolls twice more.
DragoonThe trouble with your lightning spells may be that we are indoors.
Black MageThat's much too logical to matter.
DragoonOkay, but this tower has lightning rods.
Y'know, 'cause it's tall.
Black MageFine. Everyone shut up, or so help me, I will reduce this tower to cinders with my big fire spells!
DragoonYeah, it's a stone tower.
It's not going to burn.

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