8-Bit Theater
Episode 910
Episode 910
Dressed up as Nero12
The Animal Kingdom
Date Published 2007/10/23
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Watch out, there are hidden unicorns everywhere. They're evil~!

Cast AppearingEdit


Tower of Air


Dragoon walks away to get Muffin.
DragoonWe can ask Muffin if she saw any dragons.
Black MageOh, I don't like where this is going.
FighterWait, wait, wait. I've got it.
FighterIt's a unicorn dressed up as a lizardman dressed up as a dragon.
ThiefThat's the least likely thing you've ever said.
FighterThink about it. We've never seen unicorns. Why? They've got something to hide.
Unicorns are evil.
Black MageI'm going to cut out your tongue from the navel if you say another--
Black Mage gets interrupted by Dragoon's return.
DragoonLet's settle this.
DragoonMuffin, have you seen any dragons lately?
Muffin comes in and Thief ninjas himself at the back of the group while Black Mage goes in a shocked state again.
MuffinNot a one.
Muffin has left again and Thief ninja'ed himself back to his last position.
ThiefDragoon, that was a dragon.
DragoonWhat, Muffin? She's my parrot.
ThiefYou've never seen a dragon, have you.
DragoonNot as such, no.

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