8-Bit Theater
Episode 911
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It’s A Conspiracy
Date Published 10/25/08
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Dragoon gives a lesson on the numerous parrot species.

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ThiefThat wasn't a bird.
DragoonOf course she's a bird. She told me so.
Black MageYeah, birds don't talk.
DragoonRight, I told you: parrot.
Black MageThat doesn't…
Black MageParrots aren't…
ThiefThey don't actually talk. It's all mimicry, not real conversation.
DragoonWell, I can tell you that Muffin is conversant on a wide range of topics.
Black MageBecause she's not a parrot!
DragoonShe's a huge leathery eating machine with wings. What else would she be?
Black MageOkay, I'm guessing you have never seen any parrots either.
DragoonNo, never. If you ignore the fire parrot, the ice parrot…
DragoonThe acid parrot…
The swamp parrot…
Black MageThief, I can't take this. Kick someone for me.
Thief kicks Black Mage
Black MageY'know, I thought I'd be madder, but it's my own fault for not being specific enough.


The title references 9/11, and how some people believed it to be a conspiracy.

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