8-Bit Theater
Episode 917
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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
Date Published Thursday, September 8th, 2006
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The prophecy is reveled!

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageThere's some holes in that story, of course.
I mean, for one thing, I met a couple of dragons.
MuffinWell, Maybe I didn't kill every single dragon.
But all the big ones were taked out, I can assure yo-
Red MageBahamut
MuffinBahamut was never a threat.
He'll slumber until the prophecy of the enlightened warrior fulfilled to usher in the final days.
Red MageHey, isn't it great that we never woke him up!
Red MageI have to…I have to go not warn anyone about anything.
Red Mage rushes to go find the rest of the group.
Red MageI don't want to alarm anyone, but I think we doomed all creation.
Black MageWe're ahead of schedule or…?
Red MageI think we did the big bad wrong when we awakened Bahamut.
Black Mage(winks) You're thinking of Matoya.
Red Mage
ThiefI am now.
Black MageY'know, Matoya?
Gettin' messy with Bahamut.
DragoonI don't understand the reference.
Black MageScrew you guys. That was gold, and you know it.

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