Atomic Robo
Free Comic Book Day 2009
FCBD '09 Page 2
Page 2
Date Published Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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Robo, being a scientific person, doesn't believe Dr. Dinosaur's spiel about time travel.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Taravai Island, French Polynesia, 1999


Dr. Dinosaur jumps out and shoots at Robo with his rifle.
Dr. Dinosaur Bah! Behold the pulpy fruit of my vastly superior reptilian intelligence!
Robo runs for the trees, returning fire.
RoboNo, you're an idiot and your origin story doesn't make sense!

The energy required to travel through time is beyond staggering!
Dr. Dinosaur Bah! If you do it wrong!
RoboThat makes no sense!
Dr. Dinosaur I had crystals!
Dr. Dinosaur (readying his rocket launcher) Crystals were integral! I used their specific resonant frequencies to collect and amplify the echoes of the perverse mammalian energies from your September 19, 2008 that destroyed my world even as it empowered me with unparalleled genius!

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