Atomic Robo
Free Comic Book Day 2008
Nuke B-Gone will remove nuklear radiation from your robot within seconds!
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Date Published Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
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Robo has returned to a U.S. Army base in Germany to tell his report.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Robo
  • Colonel
  • Two men in orange Hazmat suits


  • U.S. Army Base, Germany


Two men in Hazmat suits scrub the radiation off Robo's body with Nuke B-Gone while the Colonel converses with Robo.
Colonel(through speaker) So this whole thing, it was the work of a single rogue scientist?
RoboNear as I can tell, Stalin hid him from the world for thirty years. Just erased him from history to keep his atomic weapons work a secret. Guy went nuts and used his unlimited budget to build a bomb to destroy the world.
ColonelAny idea who he was?
Robo(through speaker) Couldn't tell you, Colonel.
Koshchey continues to smoke while detonators around him went DEET DEET DEET. The outpost went out with a BOOM as Robo walks away.
RoboHe died before I got there. Radiation poisoning.

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