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Hell is where the souls of the evil go when they die. In the comic, each of the fiends eventually end up here, Starting with Lich, then Kary, Ur, and most recently Muffin. Lich or Kary greet the fiends when they go to hell. Black Mage Evilwizardington also managed to become king of Hell, by taking out the spines of every demon, for a brief time, though he was quickly overthrown by Lich, who gave the demons back their spines.


  • Thief asked Black Mage about hell so he could be ready for it.
  • Hell is big on irony.
  • A new wing of Hell had to be added for Black Mage.
  • There are sins that living people don't even have names for yet in hell.
  • It smells like sulfur and brimstone.

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