How I Killed Your Master
Date Published Monday, November 20th, 2009
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Fei thinks that he can fight. You will argue with him?

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Fei Xian's dojo


Back to the flashback. Jiao and Bao arrive outside Fei's dojo. Fei blocks the way to the dojo while Liu Wong hides behind a pillar.
Ji JiaoThis does not concern you, Fei Xian.
Fei XianJi Jiao and Ji Bao. I can remember when you were hardly big enough to lift those weapons.
Ji JiaoJust hand the boy over and we will be on our way.
Fei XianWhich do you think it is?

Does Xu Li think it'd take both to kill one boy? Or does he think you're disposable enough to send in case I got in the way?

Ji JiaoHa! Your days with the five dragons are long behind you.

Everyone knows you haven't fought in ten years. You're out of practice, out of touch--

Ji Bao--And out numbered.
Fei takes a fighting stance.
Fei XianNot by my reckoning.

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