How I Killed Your Master
"Goddammit Wong" may as well be the title of HIKYM.
Date Published Friday, July 30th, 2010
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Cast AppearingEdit


  • A well in Xiao Chengzhen


Liu Wong(Gathering water from a well) What if no one finds the seal?
Fang LinThen they'll fight each other until two of them are dead and whoever's left wins by default.
Liu WongOkay, this farmer put himself in a war against the province's most powerful general and gangster and their armies.
Fang LinPretty much.
Liu WongKind of an idiot.
Fang LinHe stumbled into a bigger problem than he's equipped to handle. Reminds me of you.
Liu Wong(Finding a seal in the water) Uh…
Fang LinGoddammit, Wong.
Liu WongWhat'd I do?
Fang LinThat's an imperial seal.
Liu WongThink it's the governor's?
Fang LinWell, how many seals do you think are floating around?

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