How I Killed Your Master
Erm, yeah, he definitely wants it.
Date Published Monday, October 5th, 2010
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The seal is definitely wanted here.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Liu Wong
  • Meng Qi
  • Brother Zhang
  • Sister Guan


  • Xiao Chengzhen


ZhangI know that look.
QiHe has nowhere to go.
GuanSir, I impore you. We've too many to feed as it is.
QiZhang eats enough for two.
QiYou say you are without a home? Then all of Xiao Chengzheng is your home.
Liu WongUh, no, I need to, my fr--
GuanSee, Master Meng Qi? This is not his fight.
Liu WongMeng Qi? Long lost cousin to the governor?
Liu WongSir, bandtis have kidnapped my friend because we found the governor's seal and--
QiWhere is it?
Liu Wong--I, uh--
QiThe seal!

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