Episode 794

The Township of Lefein

Lefein is the location where the airship design was first pioneered. Unfortunately for the Light Warriors, everyone there speaks a completely incomprehensible language. Legend says that the Lefeinish people were the first great kingdom of man, and their technology far outpaced the stagnant but hegemonic Elven nation, which, out of fear, cast eldritch linguavex spells upon them, therefore locking the wonders of Lefeinish technology forever. The Elves believe they just fake their language barrier to keep their monopoly on airship sales.

The Lefeinish LanguageEdit

The Lefeinish language consists of the single word, Lupa. The word can mean different things depending on intonation and whatnot. Ranger is a quarter Lefeinish, and understands the language's prepositions. Dr. Unne translated the Leifenish language using a cypherstone conquered by the Real Light Warriors - and then Black Mage set the Melmond on fire.

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