List of Items in 8-Bit Theater

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This is a list of prominent items seen in 8-Bit Theater.

Armoire of InvincibilityEdit

First Seen: Episode 178: A Little Bit of Confusion

Cold-Fusion GeneratorEdit

First Seen: Episode 517: Ice-capades


First Seen: Episode 992: Extra Dimensions For Extra Flavor

Matoya's CrystalEdit

First Seen: Episode 299: Trivial Matters (off-screen) Later Seen In Episode 397: Portents!

Orbs of LightEdit

First Seen: Episode 060: The Mystery of the Ladder--REVEALED! (Lightbulbs) Later Seen In Episode 340: The Next Quest (Earth Orb), Episode 475: TMI (Fire Orb), Episode 686: Same Abominations, Different Quest (Water Orb), Episode 960: Take A Chance On Me (Air Orb)

Rat tailEdit

First Seen: Episode 627: Inconsequential

Royal Crown of RoyaltyEdit

First Seen: Episode 286: The Gang's All Here

Storage itemsEdit

First Seen: Episode 205: Superstring, Summoning, and You


First Seen: Episode 003: They call it "Giant's Forest" for a reason.

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