After the renovation


Before the Renovation

A temple where Garland lives and to where he drags off Princess Sara. It is apparently surrounded by Forest Imps, much to Garland's horror.

The Dark Warriors move back in and make this place their base of operations. It is remodled easily, since the temple is made out of "the still screaming undead", as Black Mage puts it, so it can be changed according to a necromancer's whim. Garland wants to start a kitten shelter, but Drizz'l shuts it down. The Temple is filled with varying types of dragons, including Frost and Gas dragons. The geometry of the temple is incredibly warped, and there is at least one upside-down room in it. The basement is surprisingly dull, due to most of the magic being wasted on the exterior. It also housed the Sky Warriors, who were cursed and turned into bats, then killed by unknown causes (and Black Mage)

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