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Turkey 01
I am thankful for comic scripts!
Food Goes in Here
Date Published Saturday, November 24th, 2001
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In this interlude, the Light Warriors celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Woodland
  • Kitchen


In honor of the festival of devouring, proudly presents
An 8-Bit Christmas Thanksgiving
Cut to Red Mage and a turkey in a forest.
Red MageI picked out the turkey. He has a tasty score of +5/+5!
Cut to Thief and a feast.
ThiefI stole this entire feast for its fixin's. And its attendees. For slave labor. Suckers!
Cut to Black Mage in a kitchen, cooking a turkey.
Black MageI cooked the turkey with Fire-3 set to volcanic for 6 seconds.
It was dead for the last five.
Cut to Fighter with various designs of swords behind him.
FighterI cut the turkey due to my extensive expertise in the use of sharp stabby thingies.
Plus, it gave me the chance to try out my newest idea: sword-knives! They work even better than it sounds.
Cut to the dinner table.
Red MageI am thankful for stat bonuses.
Black MageI am thankful for my evil powers.
ThiefI am thankful for gullible and trusting people.
FighterI am thankful for shiny stuff.
Brian ClevingerAnd I'm thankful for my legion of readers
Cut to Brian's legion of readers, all of which wearing the same t-shirt design as Brian's sprite.


This comic was done in JPEG format.

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