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Vacation '04 #5
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About Class Changes
Date Published Thursday May 20th, 2004
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A rat's tail for a Class Change. Sounds believable enough.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In Black Mage's tent
  • In Thief's tent


FighterWake up, you gotta hear this!
Black MageWhite Mage, is that you?
FighterNope, guess again!
Black Mage draws his knife. It makes a "shing" sound.
FighterOkay, so, I had this dream where I met this dragon and he said he would make us super strong and we only had to get one little thing…
Cut to a simple outline of a Bahamut and Fighter on white background with Fighter's outline saying "I like swords"
FighterCould you imagine? We'd be gods!
Black MageGods?!
So what do we need to get?
FighterGet this… It's a rat's tail!
Silence and then cut to Thief's tent.
Red MageHey, Thief! You better get up; Black Mage nuked Fighter again.

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