Warbot in Accounting
Warbot 009
What a happy comic.
The Yutani Account
Date Published Tuesday July 7th
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X-017, depressed, attempts suicide.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • X-017
  • Blond Man
  • Balding Man




X-017 stares at the message he wrote. The day passes by and he crumples up the old messages and stares at a new one he just made.

More drafts are crumpled up and around the desk. As the day passes they increase. X-017 picks up his newest message and looks at it.

X-017 stands on the edge of Weyland's roof. Cut to the office where two of X-017's coworkers are talking.
Blond ManWarbot, did you finally finish that…Did he show up today?
Balding ManWe need that report for the Yutani Account.
The Balding Man picks up X-017's message
Blond ManYou got something there?
X-017 tilts closer to the edge
The message says "NO LOVE" in messy handwriting.
The roof is empty
Blond Man(While X-017 is falling) What's it mean?
Balding ManMaybe he took a sick day.
X-017 crashed in the ground and created a hole in the pavement. He looks around, and soon construction workers come to haul him out.

Warbot is back at his desk. The Blond Man walks over.
Blond ManHey, Warbot. I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday.
Blond ManIt was pretty crappy of you to skip work like that. You really threw the whole department under the bus.
X-017 does not reply.
Blond ManEveryone pretty much thinks you're a jerk.
Silence. Warbot looks down.


  • Along with the other Atomic Robo cameos in the comic series, there is an action figure of him on X-017's table, as well as the calendar from the third strip.
  • The Yutani account is a direct reference to Weyland-Yutani (with Weyland as the company's name), a fictional company in the Alien/Predator metaseries.

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